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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the nursery? 

Yes, we are glad schedule visits by appointment.  If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact our nursery manager, Gil McNeal at or by phone at 360-228-5400.


When do you ship plants?

We ship year-round using USPS Priority Mail and Monday is our standard shipping day. During warm summer months, we delay shipping in order to ensure the safe delivery of your plants. Typically this is not an issue if you live in the Pacific Northwest.


How are your plants packed?

Our plants are well-watered, and we place a plastic bag around the root structure to keep it moist. We then immediately box and ship your plant on the same day. Your plant will be shipped with its pot.


How much is shipping?

Your shipping costs will be calculated at check out based on the estimated weight of your order and your location. If you have any questions about the shipping cost, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Do you offer a guarantee on plants?  

If there is noticeable damage that occurred to the plant during shipping, we will gladly replace it. Please let us know within one week of receiving your plant if there was shipping damage. If a plant is still not thriving we will replace it up to two weeks from the time it arrives.  

General Plant Care

  • Unpack your plant as soon as you receive your package and remove all packing materials, including the plastic bag over the pot.

  • Keep you plants moist and in the shade, and plant within one to two days, either in the ground or a larger pot.

  • Water your plants regularly, especially as your plants are getting established. Be sure to increase watering during the dry or warm periods.

  • If needed, you can stake your plants with a bamboo or wood stake.

Japanese Maples

  • Japanese Maples like partial shade and lighter varieties can be susceptible to burning in the afternoon sun. Your plant will include information on sun recommendations.

  • Avoid planting your maple in clay or heavy soil, and make sure the soil has good drainage as maples are susceptible to rot.  Use only well-composted mulches, or a good bag of potting soil will also work.

  • It’s best to do any pruning in the fall or winter.


  • Most of our conifers will do well in full sun, except for some of the lighter colored varieties.

  • Conifers prefer slightly acidic soil. You can add a peat or acid planting mix as needed. Be sure your soil has good drainage.

Have additional questions? 

We are here to help! Just call us at 360-228-5400 or contact us here and we'll get back to you right away!

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